Astronomy Collection
  1. 2017 Solar Eclipse Necklace
    The lapis sky highlights the sun slowly being phased out to a full solar eclipse and then returns again
  2. Gaia and Full Moon Necklace
    A lapis earth hangs beneath a hovering moonstone
  3. Full Moon and Mars
    Rock crystal sphere hangs beneath a tourmaline Mars
Whether you are inspired by astrophysics or constellations, the Astronomy Collection brings you a little sparkle inspired by the starry night sky.
Serendipity Collection
  1. Amethyst Mala Beads
    108 amethyst beads meet at an amethyst tassel capped with sterling silver.
  2. Herkimer Diamond and Rock Crystal Mala Beads
    108 rock crystal beads meet at a herkimer diamond tassel capped with sterling silver
  3. Peach Moonstone and Opal Mala Beads
    108 peach moonstone beads meet at an opal tassel capped with sterling silver
Embracing life's mysteries, the Serendipity Collection brings a little whimsy and glitter to your path towards wisdom.
7th Chakra Collection
  1. Rose Quartz Headband
    Faceted rose quartz stones are set off with vintage Swiss velvet ribbon.
  2. Moonstone Headband
    Moonstone cabachons flash bright blues. Each is set in handmade sterling silver setting with vintage French velvet ribbon wrapping the base.
  3. Oak Leaf Tiara
    Inspired by 19th c. wedding tiaras, this sterling silver tiara will be coming soon.
  4. Moon Phase Tiara
    Seven rock quartz spheres are set to mimic the phases of the moon from waning to full to waxing. The jeweler's brass is an alloy designed to have a beautiful golden sheen.
  5. Rose Quartz Wrap
    The goddess-like rose headband has rose quartz spheres wrapped in copper with a base wrapped in vintage Swiss taupe velvet ribbon.
  6. Clear Rock Quartz & Lapis
    The rock quartz nuggets with wrapped in faceted lapis has an old-world flair. The base is wrapped in vintage Swiss velvet ribbon for softness and stability.
  7. Blue Lace Agate Headband
    Demure blue lace agate squares are set atop the vintage French velvet ribbon base.
Inspired by a Reiki master, the 7th Chakra Collection brings color and luster to your everyday wardrobe.