Dawn Jones' work is a beautiful blend of science and lore, which celebrates women in the science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM) careers as well as those who work in the esoteric fields.  Her goal is to provide the women of  STEM with jewelry that exemplifies their contributions in their fields; in addition, her jewelry embraces those who serve others in unconventional ways.
Her first career was working with world-class scientists, including
physicists, engineers, and computer architects.  It wasn't until later
that Dawn discovered her love of silversmithing.

Inspired by a Reiki master who was looking to put gemstones on her head while working on clients, Dawn began looking for ways to create beautiful headpieces to meet this need, which was the beginning of her jewelry-design and -making career.  She then began training with artists who have pieces in museum permanent collections around the world, and is today making unique pieces.