Dawn Jones' past work
  1. Full Moon
    Full Moon Earrings - 2016
    Rock crystal spheres set in sterling silver. The backs are oxidized as black as the dark side of the moon while the sterling shines through the rock crystal giving the front a full-moon glow.
  2. Kyanite Headband
    Kyanite Headband
    Kyanite cabachons set in handmade sterling silver bezels. Vintage French velvet ribbon wraps around the base providing softness as well as stability to the headpiece.
  3. Mars and Full Moon
    Mars and Full Moon
    The pink tourmaline Mars hangs above the rock crystal sphere full moon set in sterling silver.
  4. Peach Moonstone Necklace
    Peach Moonstone Necklace
    Peach moonstones meet at the rock crystal sphere set in sterling silver.
  5. Moon Phase Tiara
    Moon Phase Tiara
    Seven rock crystal spheres set in jeweler's brass. Each sphere represents a moon phase from waning to full to waxing. Vintage French velvet ribbon is wrapped around the base providing comfort and stability.
  6. Glass Bubble Ring
    Glass Bubble Ring
    Using the plique-à-jour enameling technique, this ring is essentially a tiny stained glass window for your finger. Translucent blue enamel in sterling silver.
  7. Prehnite Ring
    Prehnite Ring
    A simple prehnite stone set in brushed sterling silver.
  8. Rose Quartz Tiara
    Rose Quartz Tiara
    Seven delicate faceted rose quartz stones are set in sterling silver. The base is wrapped in vintage Swiss velvet ribbon for added comfort, stability, and a soft touch.
  9. Gaia and Full Moon Necklace
    Gaia and Full Moon Necklace
    Inspired by the Art Deco style, the lapis sphere is set in a sterling silver cup and has a moonstone hovering above it.